I really wish I could rate higher than 5 stars! Dr. Yuan and everyone at Tampa Bay Jaw and Facial Surgery in Dunedin is absolutely amazing. From checking in at the front desk, to the consultation, all the way through to my wisdom teeth removal and recovery, every single person I interacted with was so kind and caring. They answered all one million of my questions, were so patient with my nerves and anxiety, and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I had never had any form of surgery or anesthesia before this, so I was completely out of my comfort zone, but I trusted the staff and I'm so glad I did. My pain is no where near as bad as I was expecting. The office even went above and beyond in a couple ways. They made me a smoothie of my choice after my procedure and gave it to me in a really nice reusable cup. One of the nurses called me a few hours later when I was home to check in and answer any follow up questions, AND Dr. Yuan called me the day after despite the office not being open on weekends just to check on me. I can't thank everyone enough or express how much I appreciate the staff for everything they did!

- Karë G

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